Why with us?

LD selects the best investment proposals on the basis of an excellent knowledge of the best areas in Warsaw, the prices at which recent transactions have been made, both in the primary (new) and secondary (used) markets, and close cooperation with the effective sources for acquiring properties on the market.

Projects that have been thus selected are submitted to a rigorous legal, architectural, technical and financial analysis. Only projects whose annual ROE exceeds 20% are approved for investment.

LD carries out the following activities:

  1. Locates, examines and selects projects for apartment development in preferred quarters of Warsaw.
  2. Establishes Limited Partnerships (SPVs) for the execution of the approved projects which purchase the rights for the projects, and where LD is the General Partner.
  3. Secures for the projects the necessary planning and permitting approvals (WZiZT or according to the MPZP).
  4. Executes the architectural plans for the projects, and secures building permits.
  5. Secures bank and mezzanine financing for the construction.
  6. Carries out tenders for the General Contractor, selects the winners and supervises the construction.
  7. Manages the SPV which provides all the services necessary for the execution of the project, such as legal, bookkeeping and accounting.
  8. Markets the projects and sells the apartments.